“Do not say, ‘I am too young.’ To whomever I send you, you shall go; whatever I command you, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you to deliver you”

– Jeremiah 1:7-8


These catechetical and social evenings are hosted on Sunday nights during the school year. Every night we cover a certain topic or issue relevant to the development of the teen’s Catholic faith. Every night begins with mass at 5:30pm followed by a meal at 6:30. The night will begin at 7:00. Life Nights are open to any 9th-12th grader.
No preregistration is required, just show up!

BELONG: A Life Night Series on the Church

OTHERWORLDLY: A Life Night Series on the Mass

     Many factors cause teens to experience the pain of isolation and loneliness to a greater degree today and a multitude of solutions often leave them feeling even more alone. Belong addresses the importance of moving from isolation to solitude as well as our need for acceptance and community, which can be found and fostered in the Catholic Church.
      Jesus wants to start something new every time you walk through the doors of the church for Mass. Otherworldly is about encountering Jesus in the Mass and being transformed, but it is also about how we approach the Mass and what we do after Mass has concluded.


January 20th: Alone: Solitude vs. Isolation
January 27th: Invited: The Mystical Body of Christ
February 3rd: Super Bowl: No Life Night
February 10th: Accepted: Diversity in the Church
February 17th: Needed: Responsibility in the Church
February 24th: Laser Tag Night in Gym (Family Life Center)
March 3rd: Retreat Weekend: No Life Night
March 10th: Freshman Confirmation Prep: No Life Night
March 17th: Same Wavelength: Jesus, The Living Sacrament
March 24th: Parallel Universe: Grace
March 31st: Another Dimension: Active Participation
April 7th: Detecting A Signal: A Sacramental Worldview
April 14th: Freshman Confirmation Prep, No Life Night
April 21st: Easter Sunday: No Life Night
April 28th: Senior Night